Conservancy Butterflies

The Butterfly Conservancy in the village of Castillo on Lake Arenal near Arenal Observatory Lodge is very good with multiple greenhouses for the different butterfly habitats plus outside natural butterflies with all being native to Costa Rica. And for the history-lovers, this is the little town that was once called Nuevo Arenal after the lake was flooded to make electricity and covered the original town of Arenal.  🙂

I only got useable photos of 14 species with 15 photos here because the White-spotted Prepona is so different with folded wings and open wings. 🙂 And I will just start with him as the first two photos followed by 13 more:

Archaeoprepona amphimachus (above)

The other 13 butterflies at Conservancy in Castillo presented randomly in no particular order. CLICK image to see full-width and larger . . .

¡Pura Vida!

And check out my Costa Rica Butterflies GALLERIES for many more species in Costa Rica.

Arenal Observatory Lodge Website

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