I plan to write about the overwhelming emotions when I first arrived in Dakar, Senegal for the beginning of my 3 years in the Gambia – all the people, expectations, and challenges that were clouded by cultural and language differences that I was unsure I could navigate.

Then I will tell about those many meeting in Dakar and the “Grand Central Station” Guest House plus the drives or flights between Banjul and Dakar. It did play a big part in my total Gambia Adventure!

Dakar Workers statue – A gift from China

But for now, I have only a very few photos (most were lost/destroyed). I did make a few in the 2009 visit.  Eventually I will add stories here.

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  • Stories Are Coming Here! Like encountering rebels in the bush of Casamance.
  • The Miracle Leaf Story in The Gambia on a Prayer Walk has me ending in Sedhiou, Senegal for a night where I pick up Beth Heyer after her prayer walk there and we drive back to Banjul.
  • My 2005 Africa Portfolio of photos was then in book form for a Nashville gallery.
  • And coming in late 2020 is my new Africa Portfolio titled: Magical AFRICA. It is a 100 page 7X7inches photo book available in both softcover and hardcover.
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By OCHA, CC BY 3.0,
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The mighty Casamance River I crossed and was on many times.