2018 Hogar de Vida, Costa Rica

Since my Blog became my “Journal” in 2014, even before I moved to Costa Rica, I will let my blog posts tell the story of this mission trip of senior adults from First Baptist Church Nashville to the Hogar de Vida children’s home right here in Atenas, Costa Rica.

As a former member and leader in senior adult activities in Nashville First Baptist I became the de facto host outside the children’s home. And maybe, as some said, they partly came so they could see and visit with me, but whatever, it was a great week of ministry and service at the children’s home with a day of tourism in nearby Jaco Beach!

Here’s the blog post links for that week. Go to each one individually to get the full picture of our week at Hogar de Vida:

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 BY CHARLIE  —  Nashville Seniors to Help Children’s Home Here

JANUARY 17, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  At Hogar de Vida Today

APRIL 5, 2018 BY CHARLIE — At Hogar de Vida Children’s Home for a Week

APRIL 6, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  First Full Day at Hogar

APRIL 7, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  Saturday at Hogar de Vida

APRIL 8, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  Sunday with Hogar de Vida Team

APRIL 9, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  A Day with Helen!

APRIL 10, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  Tourist Day for Mission Team

APRIL 11, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  Last Day at Hogar de Vida

APRIL 13, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  Thanks to Nashville First Adults for Bringing Rain!

APRIL 16, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  Rufous-naped Wren

APRIL 17, 2018 BY CHARLIE  —  Both Bizarre and Common Insects

MAY 25, 2019 BY CHARLIE  —  Tragedy in Paradise

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