Moringa – a simple leaf food

Though I did not eat in a lot of local homes in The Gambia, when I did it was always eating from a common bowl of rice with something poured over it, usually some vegetable with root-vegetables in the majority, fish or more rarely chicken. But the most lasting image was the poor family that took the leaves from a certain tree called Moringa in English, boiling them in water and then pouring the mixture over the rice.

Jump forward to 2018 and I read this intriguing article in Washington Post titled  “Moringa, the New Superfood?”   It took me a bit to connect it with my experience in The Gambia, but was reminded of it when the author said he or a friend first became aware of it while serving in the Peace Corp in The Gambia. Kind of like me serving as a missionary in The Gambia!   🙂

Since the above link to a newspaper article may not last, I will try some other links to information about the healthfulness of the tiny Moringa leaves (and roots):

Cuerpomente   (right click on page to translate to English)

6 Science-based Health Benefits of Moringa

Or a more current Google search of “Moringa” might bring you newer infor