Birding Gambia

Village Weaver

It is a birders’ paradise with Gambia Birding clubs existing in England that make regular trips there for hard-to-find species. It was where I first took an interest in birding or more specifically photographing birds. The bird above on the feature or header photo is a Bearded Barbet I photographed in Farafenni and the one at right is a Village Weaver I photographed in Serekunda.

See my photo gallery of Gambia Birds that I photographed there with a pitiful old film camera without a long lens and later low-res scans for these digital images, but you can still tell what kinds of birds I saw and why I enjoyed being “in the bush” so much. There are also a few better photos made on my June & November 2009 trips back to The Gambia.

I finally got caught up on posting seen birds on  My eBird Page and now have posted there My eBird Gambia Life List of 52 birds photographed while in The Gambia! You can click on a column header to arrange the records in that way except for “location” I cheated and put all at Bird Safari Camp because it was going to be impossible for me to know exactly where all were photographed and possibly most were there.   🙂

See also the gallery of “My Special Places” to see where I went to experience and photograph these birds and other nature.  I did not let a difficult 24/7 job keep me from getting out into the wonderful natural world of The Gambia West Africa! I loved it!     ?     At the time I loved it as much as I do Costa Rica now, not knowing then how much better it would be here! And of course I’m glad I waited and moved my retirement to Costa Rica, but I still love The Gambia and would go back again for birding if I could easily work it out. But now I have more than I can see in Latin America!   🙂

Gambia Birding Websites

My Gambia Birds Photo Gallery with apologies for small, weak images that were shot first on a cheap film camera and then the 4x6s were poorly scanned for these digital images, but you can see some of the birds that are easily found in The Gambia and fortunately I had a better camera on the 2009 return to Gambia for a few better photos of some birds.

And there are only five Gambia birds in my Africa Portfolio book, but interesting: Magical AFRICA with a free electronic preview online. 

Gambia Birding Books To Help You Identify Birds


A Red-throated Bee-eater & where birding began for me! The Gambia, West Africa!

“There is an unreasonable joy to be had from the observation of small birds going about their bright, oblivious business”

~Grant Hutchison

¡Pura Vida!