I did a very quick and sloppy photo of each page of all my scrapbooks when I moved to Costa Rica because I simply don’t have the space for many boxes of scrapbooks. I am now putting those scrapbook page photos in galleries under the locations where I lived at the time. This will take some time and I’m sorry to say that many of the photos are blurry or out of focus. But it is all I have now. Also see below the list my “Disclaimer” page from one of these scrapbooks concerning the original scrapbooks from my marriage that Ginger took and I never got to copy, thus 1970-1989 I tried to remake with what photos I could find or copy, but not the same as the original scrapbooks, all of which I made. Ginger would never make them, but she took them.

The links below are to that scrapbook in my photo Gallery, added here as I get them in place in the galleries:

Disclaimer letter in my 1984 Scrapbook for all of the 1970 to 1989 scrapbooks. Ginger took main scrapbooks.

¡Pura Vida!