My “Mission” at Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home

One of the many activities we did through BSU was some kind of mission or service project at the nearby children’s home or orphanage. Somewhere along the way I was asked to “adopt” 3 boys as my “little brothers” and spend time with them regularly. I accepted and was assigned three really nice boys and worked with their house mother to plan regular visits and some activities even off campus. My heart was broken that they had no family of any kind, so being their “big brother” was a treat for me.

This started in my Freshman year and continued until January 1960 when I moved to Ouachita and then they became pen pals for me. The relationship continued all the way until I was at the Seminary and Youth Minister at Beverly Hills Baptist Church Dallas. When I took a group of Beverly Hills boys to Devils Den State Park in Arkansas, I stopped by Oklahoma City and the children’s home and picked up one of the boys whom I took with us. That is the last relationship with any of the three that I remember now.

In 1960 or 1961 while I was at Ouachita and corresponding with the boys their dorm mother sent me this photo below of them slightly older on a visit to their Oklahoma State Capitol building:

At the OK State Capitol.

¡Pura Vida!

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