DeMoss Stone Inscriptions & Photos

Readable Stones

Year by year fewer stones are readable, so transcribing the inscriptions can be an important part of the history of this significant cemetery. Mine were copied in the cemetery twice, in 1983 and 1995 with two not found again in 1995, showing the continued loss of data. My list is compared with two lists found in the library by Fulcher and Hodges/Cornwell (“Stone Listings” ). Note that their two lists have about 6 names I did not find, again pointing to the continuing loss of “hard evidence.” From the readable stones we know people were buried here from 1810 to 1863.

If I have a photo of the stone I will include it. They were done on black & white film. Some photos show the inscription in white. That was done with shaving cream scraped off with a large putty knife to keep it only in the inscription. Some stones would not be readable without this method of photographing. It was washed off immediately and the stones not damaged. Of course rubbings can also show the inscriptions, though I found not as clearly. The inscriptions are numbered with Fulcher’s numbering and in that order which is also the numbers used on his Plot Plan found on same page with three listings. I Hope this will be helpful to many researchers and writers in future studies. Click the photo to see a larger, more readable image.

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