Earl’s Flight Crew & Planes

Earl’s Flight Crew in  “Nine Yanks and a Jerk”

Thanks to Lena DeGregory for two versions of the crew photo and for the identification of each person in it. The first is a scan of the one Earl’s buddy, Don C. Dewey, brought home with his writing on the front and the identification on the back. She is doing research in Iowa on Don Dewey for Don’s Grand Nephew, John Armstrong, and discovered my interest in the same group of people. Then she sent the second photo with it’s own IDs I have included just below. Thanks Lena! These are great additions to this memorial for Earl! 9 February 2011 – Charlie

Later in 2011, Andrew Quinn wrote to say that his grandfather, Hugh Patrick Quinn, was the field photographer in the plane and made all these photos. So the information expands! Thanks Andrew!

nine yanks

Nine yanks crew list


Back Row, left to right:

T/Sgt. James R. Crawford – Engineer
2nd Lt. John E. Lercari – Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. Paul G. W. Fischer – Navigator
2nd Lt. Earle G. Metcalf – Pilot
2nd Lt. Ernest H. Hutton – Bombardier
Front Row, left to right:
S/Sgt. William K. Timmons – Armour Gunner
S/Sgt. Stanley W. Treuson – Armour Gunner
S/Sgt. Phillip Bronstein – Radio Operator
S/Sgt. Earl T. doggett – Engineer Gunner
S/Sgt. Don C. Dewey – Engineer Gunner


nine Yanks-2



For more about the B-24 Bomber see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-24_Liberator 




Dragon lady

“Dragon Lady” – A B-24 Like the One Earl Flew In

This was also sent by Lena Rusty in 2011 as one of the photos Don Dewey had, maybe one of the other planes in their group? Please let me know if you have any information on it. A google search showed many planes named “Dragon Lady” and most with nose art of a lady. This has none and I see only the word “Dragon” which leads me to believe it may be different. Please email any information to charlie@charliedoggett.net




Scott Culver, son of S/Sgt. Henry J. Culver, Sr.on one of the other planes in this group wrote (October 2011 before writing his book) to say that the person sticking his head out of the hole in the plane in first photo is M/Sgt. Grant Murray, ground crew chief of his father’s plane. The hole in the plane was made by a German .88mm ant-aircraft shell that went through the plane right after they had dropped their bombs. Scott would also like to know how this plane got the name “Nine Yanks & a Jerk.” If you know please email me charlie@charliedoggett.net  or see my Contact page.