Visiting San Jose

Below is my emailed answer to someone asking about visiting San Jose, which as you can see I did several times as a tourist in my first years here, but now only for doctor visits! 🙂

Concerning your coming visit to San Jose, here are links to my different visits to San Jose in those earlier years. I go there now only for doctor visits!  🙂  Note that the two big private museums, Gold and Jade, are possibly the best but have big admission charges and don’t allow photos, so none below. The National Museum is free (a donation box available) and is in my opinion about as good. And Children’s Museum too! Plus there are several great art museums and many wonderful city parks to visit. After my early explorations of the city I have since spent my travel time in national parks, forests and reserves and some of the excellent lodges with them because of my passion for nature photography. But San Jose is worth visiting!


¡Pura Vida!