1948-50 – Cub Scout Den Meetings

Mom and Dad were never involved in Cub Scouts with me and that may be one reason I have no photos except for the one school photo of me in the Cub Scout Uniform. The photo of Cub Scout Badges was made after I became an adult, having saved them all those many years.

All I remember about Cub Scouts was walking about a block away to someone’s house where the mother was the Den Mother and we had our Den Meetings there, weekly except for holiday weeks and when we traveled for a summer vacation. I think we always had a game and refreshments, said the motto and pledge, then worked on one of our advancement projects or learned something.

There were no camping trips or other trips or adventures outside the Den Meetings that I can remember. If we had Pack Meetings (I assume we did), I don’t remember them or a man Cubmaster. Maybe that is why that when Jason became Cub Scout age, I became his Cubmaster (to his chagrin) and tried to make up for what we didn’t do when I was a boy that age with camping trips, cave exploring, and other adventures plus the race cars and other pack activities. See another page on my Adult Cubmaster Activities with Jason in Nashville, 1981-83.

Here’s those badges I saved all those years (no longer have them now) which represent a lot of learning and project work for a little boy. Badges were a motivation to work and I think all boys loved earning them and wearing them!

Cub Scout Motto

BUT . . . there were no boys of color in 1949 South Arkansas Cub Scouts!

¡Pura Vida!