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Selfie at Trogon Lodge in 2014

In short, after 12 years of retirement in Nashville I realized I couldn’t afford to travel for nature photography and live in retirement there, thus deciding to just go live in my favorite place to travel, Costa Rica!  The website was started in 2000 while in The Gambia, West Africa with reports from that experience still here. See: Gambia Missionary.

The blog is all about being “Retired in Costa Rica” that I started in June 2014 before moving here in December 2014. Costa Rica is the perfect place for me! I can’t imagine living in retirement anywhere else now. Enjoy my stories and photos! And then go live your own dream!  You only live once!   🙂

¡Pura Vida!

Explore, Dream, Discover

-Mark Twain



Me under a BANTABA, the Story-telling Place at Kuntaur Fulakunda, Gambia


“Stories are a communal currency of humanity.”

–Tahir Shah, in Arabian Nights

This website contains the stories and photos of my humanity.


My Older Photos 1999-2014:

This old Pbase Photo Gallery is the pick of my art-nature photos during that time plus reports on all my trips and many local activities and a section on people that includes family history photos and the photos from 3 years in The Gambia. My goal was to move all of them into this website and I may yet, but for now this important record is at:


I’m starting the transfer by copying the family history photos first into this website & gallery and then The Gambia photos. I will try to report here as I move parts of that gallery to this website.


28 September 2018Family History Photos are all in a new sub-gallery inside my main gallery or Costa Rica Gallery on SmugMug and linked to from the Family pages on this site. I decided to do that for several reasons. See my September 29, 2018 Blog Post: The Dilemma of so many photos . . . 

Many of my Gambia photos are used to illustrate the stories on my Gambia Missionary pages found under His Spirit on the main menu and are also now in a Gambia Gallery under Pre-Costa Rica TRAVELS. At this time I am still in the process of moving the Gambia photos and will announce here when finished.

25 November 2018

I continued adding Gambia photos to the Gambia Gallery (still not finished).

And I added the scanned pages (48) of Part Seven: Children of the Sun from the book Yankee Ships in Pirate Waters by Robert Sargent Holland. This true adventure story, “Children of the Sun,” tells how the men of the frigate Charles Doggett “angered a witch-doctor, fought Fiji cannibals, and saved a sister-ship from yellow pirates in the Gulf of Tongking.” Read this exciting story on the pages of Ship Named Charles Doggett. This will be the best part of that section of my website and a thrilling true story of adventure in the 1800’s.





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