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Charlie Doggett

Physical Address:

105 Roca Verde #2, Atenas, Alajuela, 20501 COSTA RICA   (No mail here please)

Atenas Post Office –  I have a mailbox here!  Please use it for all mail – safer & quicker! About one week arrival time from states.

Mail Address:

  • Apdo. 441-4013
  • Alajuela, Atenas, Atenas
  • 20501 COSTA RICA

USA Private Addresses:  Contact me if a limited use is needed for a USA address. It has been at an expensive courier service, Aeropost in Miami. I pay the overseas shipping and import taxes on merchandise I order on the internet and personal packages sent from family or friends to a Miami address.

Starting in 2021 I’m trying a new local service called Atenas Webshop that looks like it will be much cheaper than Aeropost while providing even more services, like delivering packages to my house while with Aeropost I have to go to Alajuela to pick up packages or letters. They also give me a Miami address.

My Terrace Overlooking the Valley & Mountains of Coffee-growing Pueblo Atenas

My website host service has advised me not to publish my email address here for security reasons. Use the secure form above and I will reply with my email address for you. Spammers have already gleaned my email address from the earlier listing here.

(506) 8410-9916   (From the U.S. pre-dial 011)
I use WhatsApp & Regular Text Messages. WhatsApp is a free internet-based messaging program to avoid your phone charges like regular text messages have.



¡Pura Vida!