2005 “Passing Through Kenya”

Driving from Nairobi, Kenya to Musoma, Tanzania, November 7, 2005

This was the year we went to Tanzania for our LifeWay Mission Trip with Kenyan interpreters who were helping to start the new churches and following up with them, some even pastoring a new church there. Therefore we flew into Nairobi and spent a night before we joined the Kenyan team to travel in vans to Western Tanzania on the shores of Lake Victoria – a long day’s drive from Nairobi across the varied lands of another favorite country, Kenya! See the maps below.


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The photos mostly tell the story of the trip. See in the Photo Gallery:  2005 Passing Through Kenya.  (Click to see gallery.) Since my ’98 & ’99 trips here I had gotten a digital camera and have improved as a photographer, so I think there are some compelling photos of both landscape and culture. Then see the Photo Gallery:  2005 Tanzania Mission Trip for more photos on that trip of a neighboring but somewhat different country and then some of us after Tanzania stayed over for a safari in Kenya and my best safari photos are in the Photo Gallery:  2005 Kenya Safari. This was my last time in Kenya and only time in Tanzania, so all of the photos are special to me.

Driving from Nairobi, Kenya to Musoma, Tanzania, November 7, 2005


Google Map of Our Actual Trip Linked (I couldn’t get it to print here):

Nairobi, Kenya to Musoma, Tanzania – Google Maps

On the above link we took the blue route between Nairobi and Musoma both directions. Google won’t let me copy but only link to their map. You might prefer finding both on the general map below that shows location of not only Nairobi and Musoma but also Masai Mara where we later had our safari. Also we walked into Uganda near Lake Victoria from Busia, not shown on this map. But that was on an earlier trip here, either ’98 or ’99.












Masai people in the Great Rift Valley near Masai Mara, Kenya