1967 – God & Country Awards in Miami, FL

I worked with these 4 boys 15 months to help them complete service projects and learn about their church and their personal relationship to God. It was a very rewarding experience and was completed with the awards given just before I left the church for another youth minister position in Dallas. It made me wish I could get back into Scouting but knew that would not be possible in a Baptist Church in Church-Centered Dallas, so there I threw myself fully into Royal Ambassadors in such a successful way that it led to me going from Dallas to Memphis as a National Royal Ambassador Program Consultant and writer, creating their new Royal Ambassador Campcraft Book. In life it sometimes seems that everything is intertwined! 🙂

One local paper
The other local paper

The Photo Gallery for these awards, with larger files for reproduction.

The Scouting.org page on God and Country (not a lot).

And Boy Scouts of America website just has a page of links.

I can’t find much public information on the award today.

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