Family of Marriage

Under Construction

This is the difficult part of my family pages, but I’m going to get on it soon and have a great page here! Even a failed marriage that ends in divorce has some good stories and experiences and maybe there is something for someone else to learn from the failures or how I tried to handle each situation.

Family of Marriage MENU


  • The Requirement of Marriage
  • Dating & Courting Ginger
  • The Wedding in Dallas


  • First 3 Years in Memphis
  • Unsettling Memphis-Dallas-Nashville
  • This Old House


  • Birth of Jason 1973
  • Children First: Schools, Church, Scouts
  • Birth of Juli 1979
  • Highs and Lows


  • Death of My Mom 1988
  • “Dark Night of the Soul” Begins
  • 1989-91 Separation/Divorce/Custody
  • Single-Parenting Father
  • Emotional Loss of Jason
  • Death of My Dad 1995
  • Death of Juli 1997
  • Loss of Job & A New Beginning
  • Death of Jerry 2008
  • Death of Ginger 2016

The Book

Living Large: The Adult Years Scrapbook
My Photo Biography Volume 2: Ages 30 to 59, 1970-1999

This book is maybe the best summary of my 20 years of marriage and the 9 years of grief that followed, though neither photo nor word can totally describe the great emotional roller coaster I was on for 30 years. Click the title link to see every page of the book in an electronic Preview.

The Family Portraits 1970-1990

The Gallery

The above photos are a part of my larger Family History Gallery under the Family of Marriage sub-gallery titled   Family Portraits  with additional casual photos not included above. In fact, if your prefer photos over reading, you may prefer browsing my family galleries even though I don’t agree that a picture is ALWAYS worth a thousand words, photos definitely say a lot!   🙂