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I chose the above feature photo for this page because we all look about as happy as we can be (the teen boy never had a bigger smile in a photo). It was made at the Annual Southern Baptist Convention Meeting I usually attended as part of my work and took the family as often as possible. This year it was in San Antonio. More on that trip at  (link to trip photos coming).

This is the most difficult part of my family pages, but I’m going to get on it soon and have a great set of page here! Even a failed marriage that ends in divorce has some good stories and experiences and maybe there is something for someone else to learn from the failures or how I tried to handle each situation. It was in many ways the most difficult years of my life with Ginger almost impossible to live with while I kept hoping for the best! A 6-year-old Jason said it best one day when he said, “Mom, you don’t have to be so mean!” I never fully understood Ginger while never ceasing to do whatever I could to make her happy. Then a counselor one day told me that no one can make another person happy; they make their own happiness. 

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  • First 3 Years in Memphis
  • Unsettling Memphis-Dallas-Nashville
  • This Old House


  • Birth of Jason 1973
  • Children First: Schools, Church, Scouts
  • Birth of Juli 1979
  • Highs and Lows


The Book

Living Large: The Adult Years Scrapbook
My Photo Biography Volume 2: Ages 30 to 59, 1970-1999

This book is maybe the best summary of my 20 years of marriage and the 9 years of grief that followed, though neither photo nor word can totally describe the great emotional roller coaster I was on for 30 years. Click the title link or the cover image at left to see every page of the book in an electronic Preview for free! Purchase of the book is optional!   🙂

The Family Portraits 1970-1990

The Galleries

The above photos are a part of my larger Family History Gallery under the Family of Marriage sub-gallery titled   Family Portraits  with additional casual photos not included above. In fact, if your prefer photos over reading, you may prefer browsing my family galleries even though I don’t agree that a picture is ALWAYS worth a thousand words, photos definitely say a lot!   🙂


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