Adjusting Sophomore Must Change Schools

I was about over the disappointment of not making it in Pre-med and working out what to say to Mom, who was the one most excited about me following in the steps of her “Uncle Doc.” Then the bomb fell! When during the first semester of my Sophomore year I gave the University Office a change of address for my parents, they quickly let me know that I was now an “out of state student” which meant my rates per semester hour and other charges would more than doubled the following semester! And I was already just barely making it while working as many as 2 jobs at a time along with a full class load. Simply put – I could not afford to stay at OU beyond that semester.

I checked into Oklahoma Baptist University and they were even more expensive, so I started evaluating schools in my old but now new “home state” which at that age is wherever your parents live. I quickly narrowed it down to the University of Arkansas and Ouachita Baptist College (which then was before they had gained university status). Because of a combination of price (cheaper for me at Ouachita) and me thinking ministry/missions as a vocation, Ouachita Baptist College became the logical choice. Willis and Gary helped me discuss the big decision and said they were “praying for you to be where God wants you.”

It was during this semester that I went with Willis & Gary on the road trip to Mississippi when we stopped by my folk’s house on the way and I think that on the return trip we went by the Ouachita campus “to check it out.” They helped make the big change a lot easier and that is one thing that friends are for! 🙂

In Mississippi with Willis, left, and Gary, right, during 1st Semester, Sophomore year.

¡Pura Vida!

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