Sacker/Checker at Sipes Supermarket

Though I had worked as janitor for Dad in his department store in El Dorado; plus more briefly delivering groceries for David Douthitt’s corner grocery store on my motor scooter; and even had a paper route for a while; this seemed more like my first “Real Job” and it lasted for three years! 🙂

And I actually liked it, doing good work, being promoted to a checker sooner than most sackers and I loved the interesting interactions between people, both other employees and the many kinds of customers we had. It was a “people job” much like Dad’s work and he was almost next door at Froug’s Department Store in the same Eastgate Shopping Center. And actually it was not called a “supermarket” back then, but Sipes Food Market!

This was a big part of my life for the 3 years of high school.
I have basically liked every job I’ve had and thus I have been happier in life — Its a choice! 🙂

“It’s easy for Americans to forget that the food they eat doesn’t magically appear on a supermarket shelf.”

~Christopher Dodd

¡Pura Vida!