Family Togetherness as I Remember

When I get into a more “nostalgia mood” I will write and tell about family vacations as the most “togetherness” times, with next being meals at home around either the dinner table or breakfast table and when we finally got a TV, watching “The Hit Parade” and “I Love Lucy” together as a family. And oh yes, family table games, board games, and card games like Canasta back then!

Jerry and I played together a lot until I became a teenager and thought I had to be with kids my own age. We played with toys both in the house and outside in back yard, front yard or front porch. I remember playing with those little small plastic soldiers or little cars and trucks around the roots of the big oak tree. We also at one point had a tree house in the tree where we played Tarzan. We also went to movies at the one theater on the square in downtown El Dorado until I became a teen. They were cowboy movies, WWII war movies, and comedies with the likes of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Laurel & Hardy or Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. And I think the super hero movies began during the 40’s or 50’s with Superman.

I was about 12 or the year Bonnie was born when we got our first B&W TV and there were lots of shows we liked, but the two I remember for the family togetherness was “The Hit Parade” which was Mother’s favorite and we all watched together to see which song would be #1 that week. The other “every week” TV show together was “I Love Lucy” which was always our time to laugh together at maybe our favorite comedy. Before TV Jerry & I listened to stories on the radio like “Big John and Sparky,” some detective show or maybe it was Dick Tracy, Inner Sanctum scary stories, Superman, and some others.

Mom & Dad played Canasta cards with with neighbors and friends and taught us boys how to play. Jerry and I also played some board games like Monopoly and Checkers. And of course outside games with other kids like hide & seek, etc. Neither of us were into baseball, football or basketball like some kids were then.

Forced Togetherness of Family Vacations

To be written . . .

Togetherness of Meals

To be written . . .

To be continued or expanded on! 🙂

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