2003 Alberta Seminary Service Project

This is one of those annual mission trips that continues every summer because one couple believe in it and continue to schedule it. It is quite simple though very effective and helpful to the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. We provide maintenance, new construction, electrical work, painting, gardening, etc. At least one electrician goes every year and the rest of us do whatever labor the seminary needs at that time. We are one of many churches (most from Texas) who go as the summer volunteer work crews every year. This year the two main jobs for us were painting the married students apartments and sodding the grass in front of them plus the electrician has his punch list and there was some woodworking or cabinet-making also done.

Fencing Canadian Baptist Seminary, Cochran, Alberta, Summer 2003

And as usual with this and virtually all mission trips there 1 or 2 days of tourism which gives you a great view of a new place and this time it was a day drive up the Canadian Rockies along the border with British Columbia ending at a big glacier. We also went the other direction another half day for a visit to a national park. It is just one more way I have gotten acquainted with Canada and its wonderful people.

Alberta Canada July 2003

“No matter how sophisticated you may be, a large granite mountain cannot be denied – it speaks in silence to the very core of your being.”

~ Ansel Adams

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