Or do I say “occupation” or “profession” or “work” or one of so many descriptions of what we all do to earn money, our livelihood if you please! It is necessary to live and I’m one of those strange persons who loved all of my jobs (at least at the time I was doing them) and I firmly believe it is an attitude or “frame of mind” that makes one happy or in this case to like his job! 🙂

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


So did I just “choose good” or am I “just lucky?” Again I think it is all in your head and that you can determine to be happy in anything you do and of course that will help you to do your job better and be better rewarded for it! Or to be more successful!

I’m going to list my jobs chronologically in the order they came into my life, sharing only bits about each, both the good and bad or maybe just the main thing I remember about each one. In some ways I could be envious of the person who has just one main job his whole adult life, but then look at all the adventures I would have missed! 🙂

Adventure isn’t hanging off a rope on the side of a mountain or living among lions. Adventure is an attitude to experience everyday things.

And with that attitude, each of my jobs was a unique adventure! Really! They were!

Teenager Jobs

  • Circa 1953-55 – Janitor at Duggar Department Store, El Dorado, AR, working for my Dad, sweeping out the store with that red, smelly, oily sawdust and using a squeegee on the front display windows. I felt important and needed.
  • Circa 1953-55 – Very briefly with my Cushman Motor Scooter, delivering groceries for our neighbor’s corner grocery store in El Dorado. A dozen eggs in a paper bag did not last on a bouncy motor scooter and thus this job did not last long. 🙂
  • Circa 1955 – Paper Route – I think it was my last job in El Dorado before we moved to Tulsa and don’t remember much about it. I did this two more times in life (college & as a married adult needing more money).
  • Circa 1955 – Vendor at Baseball Games for the “El Dorado Oilers,” a training team for one of the bigger professional baseball teams like the Cardinals or Redsox, don’t remember which. I sold drinks and snacks walking through the stands. Repeated this in college too!
  • 1955-58 – Sacker & Checker in Sipes Food Market, Tulsa. I worked after school and on weekends all three years of high school. In some ways my first “real job” which I repeated once during my university years.

University of Oklahoma Student Jobs

  • 1958-59 – Houseboy in a Jewish Fraternity House at the University of Oklahoma, Norman.
  • 1958-59 – 1958-59 –Vendor at Football Games, selling hot dogs, popcorn, Cracker Jacks, etc. for a percentage of my sales. It was my best-paying part-time job, just limited to games.
  • 1958-59 – Early morning Janitor of the Journalism Building at OU.
  • 1958-59 – Early morning Paper Route in neighborhood near the university.
  • I think I did my first semester without work using up my savings. Then I worked the other jobs my other two semesters at OU, usually two jobs at a time.

Ouachita Baptist College Student Jobs

  • list

Southwestern Theological Seminary Student Jobs

  • list

Youth Minister Jobs

  • list

Denominational Consultant Job

  • list

Church Administrator

  • list

Publishing Agency

  • list


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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson

¡Pura Vida!