Jason’s Art

Most of these were done while he was in middle school and still going by the name Jason. Of course this is only a fraction of his creations, most of which I have no copy of and some I never saw, including what he created while a student at Memphis College of Art for two semesters. These sample here are reflective of his young teen mind and possibly influenced by his parents bad marriage just before and maybe during the divorce.

Soon after this he created some videos which seemed a little weird to me and available on Vimeo, but they are no longer posted there and nothing on YouTube, so this is just my partial sampling of his childhood art. As an adult transsexual he has created a very interesting logo I will share on the page about him/her and tells me she is about to get into creative sewing. A very creative person! Captions to be added to images later. As always, click to see full image and/or start a manual slideshow.