Readable Stones

Nashville Hardgrave Cemetery Readable Stones

The following is exactly what I could read on the stones in 1996.

HERE IS THE RECORDING OF THE STONES – PHOTOS OF EACH STONE APPEAR ON THE NEXT PAGE. Also there is now a Photo Gallery of the cemetery, 1816-1828 Nashville Hardgrave Cemetery. 

We of course know more dates for some of the deceased than are visible on the original stones. Plus a new stone has been added for Francis giving more data. Some of these are also posted on under Hardgrave Cemetery, Williamson Co., TN though not complete.

The first and largest section seems to be exclusively Hardgrave family:

1. Sarah Hardgrave, Was born

2. Francis Hardgrave, Was born March (photo at right shows small original stone on left plus the DAR stone we moved from Providence Church Cemetery)

3. John Hardgrave, Born October the 16th, 1788, Died October 17th 1828

J.H. 1788 – 1828 (Footstone)

4. Columbus inf

5. F.H.

6. W.H.

7. H.H. 1816

8. JOHNSON HARDGRAVE was born Dec the 14 1802 and died the 22 of April 1825

9. SKELTON HARDGRAVE 1 Lieut. 2 Regt. West Tenn Mil., War of 1812, 1828 – NOTE that he is not buried here but in New Orleans where he was murdered while collecting a debt. Edythe Whitley had put this and Francis’ DAR stone in the Providence Church Cemetery which is not where either is buried. Gene Hugh Hardgrave and I moved them to the family cemetery in 1997 or 1998.

In this Hardgrave section of the cemetery there are several other stones with no readable markings.


9. IN memory of WILLIAM CAMPBELL who died September 28th, 1836, aged 21 years, 11 months and 19 days. W.C. (footstone)

10. S.P. (This is beside William Campbell and the size of his footstone but meaning is unknown.)

ANOTHER SECTION has several stones but only this one readable. I believe this may be a Sawyer family section of the cemetery. Sawyers did own the land for a time period after Hardgrave’s.

11. ANS 1816 (?date not clear but similar to 1816)