This page could be a part of the “Photographer” page because the primary focus of my photography now is birds (more than 300 in Costa Rica now) – though as you will see in my Gallery I also love to photograph other parts of nature, landscapes, sunsets/sunrises, waterfalls, culture and other fun things.   🙂

One way to see where I am in my birding is with My eBird Page which starts with my birding profile but also links to my bird lists here in Costa Rica and other countries. At this writing I am just now catching up on eBird lists before 2018, but will soon record all I have photos of. Unlike some birders, I do not record a bird on my “life list” unless I get a photo of it. And all my photos on eBird are filed in their library, used in research, reports and free for eBird users.

My favorite source of bird information is The Cornell Lab of Ornithology which also sponsors eBird where I keep my life list and continue to record plus there is very much information on every bird in the world there, plus video classes to help me learn more about birds. And for bird ID on the field I use their free app in my cell phone called Merlin which can often give me a quick Identification of a bird. A great organization and website! I hardily recommend it!

If interested in birds, then you might also enjoy my BIRDS Photo Gallery and of course if you follow my blog you get the bird photos as I make them!  🙂

With David, my photo guide at Danta Corcovado Lodge on Osa Peninsula, 2018.


On Pipeline Road in Panama in January 2014 with birding guide.


¡Pura Vida!