Tranquil Canoeing

Though I did not use the canoes on this visit to Maquenque, I snapped a couple of shots of others canoeing, which is no extra charge as a part of your stay in Maquenque. It was especially fun to hear little children gleefully trying to paddle and manipulate their canoes around the lake! Though this is the “tourist low season” (rainy season), the lodge was mostly full all five nights I was there and mostly visitors from Europe with the French outnumbering the others, then British second, Germans third. and then Canadians. I love the international experience of traveling inside Costa Rica and getting acquainted with some of the people. 🙂

Canoeing on the lake at Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica
Canoeing on the lake at Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

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This was my favorite Bee shot and there is one more from this trip to Maquenque in my Bees Gallery. It is not as good a shot of the bee but on an interesting frilly-white water flower among the lily pads.

Bee at Maquenque Eco Lodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica.

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4 of My 8 Parrots at Maquenque

This trip I got photos of 4 species of parrots as shown in the 4 photos below with each followed by a link to my CR Birds Gallery for that species. Though I’ve never gotten all 8 on one visit there, the other 4 I’ve previously photographed at Maquenque are both Macaws: Scarlet & Green, the Mealy Parrot, and the Crimson-fronted Parakeet. Here’s one photo for the email notice and the other three follow online.

Red-lored Parrot, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

My Red-lored Parrot Gallery.

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Mexican Sailor Butterfly

The Mexican Sailor, Dynamine postverta, (one book calls “Four-eyed Sailor”) is another new butterfly species for me and one of several in the Dynamine Genus. The only other one I’ve seen and photographed before this is the Pale Sailor,  Dynamine agacles core, (my gallery link) and I have seen it in three different locations on both slopes, including my garden once. They are a dainty and beautiful genus of butterflies with about a dozen different species in Central America, all with “sailor” in their common English name. 🙂

Here’s the only shot I got of this Mexican Sailor . . .

Mexican Sailor, Dynamine postverta, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

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Just Two Toucans This Trip

And the reason I say that is because I almost always get photos of all three of the toucans in that particular reserve, but the Keel-billed Toucan never showed up during my 6 days there this time. One of the family there said that it was because many fruit trees are fruiting right now throughout the rainforest and they have preferences elsewhere. 🙂

Here’s one shot of each of the other two and links to my galleries with earlier photos of each from all over Costa Rica.

Collared Aracari, Maquenque Eco Lodge & Reserve, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

And my Gallery of CR Collared Aracari. You will see from the locations of those photos that this aracari is only on the Caribbean Slope or Atlantic side while the Pacific Slope has the Fiery-billed Aracari, which I’ve had in my garden a couple of times.

Yellow-throated Toucan, Maquenque Eco Lodge & Reserve, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

See more of this bird in my Yellow-throated Toucan Gallery. And this guy and the similar Keel-billed Toucan can be seen on both slopes of Costa Rica.

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Giant Ceiba Borer

The Giant Ceiba Borer or Euchroma gigantea (iNaturalist link), is one of the larger borer beetles that inhabits the warm tropical lowland jungles of Central and South America from Mexico to Argentina. And quite a sight to see! 🙂

This was one of my very last photos this morning before leaving Maquenque Eco Lodge (lodge website) on one of the handrail posts going over the bridge/dam between the lake & lagoon. And just before beginning another adventurous road trip back to Atenas through pineapple fields, heavy traffic, clouds/fog, rain and winding mountain roads, arriving just barely in time for my appointment to receive a new dental bridge. 🙂

Giant Ceiba Borer, Euchroma-gigantea, Maquenque Eco Lodge and Reserve, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica

More to Read About this Insect . . .

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Expect more reports about Maquenque during the next week of so. Plus another great Costa Rica Trip Gallery! 🙂

Common Mexican Tree Frog

While waiting on the guide to get our group together for the boat trip this morning on Rio San Carlos, I noticed someone photographing something in one of the flowerbeds in front of the dining room. I checked it out and got both front and side/back views of this Common Mexican Tree Frog because the flowerbed had a sidewalk on two sides. 🙂 Got a lot of photos on the boat trip, but these two were my favorites today!  🙂  And a new species for me too! 🙂 And notice how different his front and back are! It’s the same frog photographed on the same flower from two directions.

Common Mexican Tree Frog, Maquenque Eco Lodge & Reserve, Costa Rica
Common Mexican Tree Frog, Maquenque Eco Lodge & Reserve, Costa Rica

You can read more about this Mexican Tree Frog, (Smilisca baudinii) on Wikipedia. And to see more of my fun frog photos, including several other tree frogs, go to my Amphibians Costa Rica Galleries (50+). 🙂

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Crested Owl Jungle Challenge

One of the Maquenque Managers took me out into the thick rainforest today where one of the new Treehouses is being built, while the workers were on their lunch break.  🙂  They discovered the roosting place for a couple of Crested Owls at eye level from one new treehouse in the forest, but hidden from the normal human eyes behind the limbs and leaves of the large tree they’re in. It was impossible to get a good photo, but here are three shots that show three different things: first the top 2/3 of one with the second shot showing the bottom 2/3 of one and the third shot showing a portion of both owls, just to show that there are two there!  🙂  They weren’t poising on an open limb for me!  🙂

Shooting through the foliage is a common challenge when birding in a forest anywhere and could be a part of your challenge if you come stay in a treehouse at Maquenque, but in my past stays in treehouses here I’ve also had some very clear shots of toucans, spider monkeys and howler monkeys; so don’t let a little jungle challenge stop you from a great experience here at Maquenque Eco Lodge & Reserve! (Link to lodge website.)

Top 2/3 of a Crested Owl, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

You can sort of see the “crests” which seemed to be relaxed while resting.

Bottom 2/3 of a Crested Owl, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica
And the most I could capture of the two birds together! You can barely see that there are 2! 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

And you may want to see my Crested Owl Gallery, though I have only one other photo.

And you can read about them on eBird. Found in Central America and the northern half of South America.

Lunch with Spider Monkeys

As I finished my quesadilla lunch today, I stepped out of the dining room to a tropical Guaba Tree where a couple of Spider Monkeys were eating both fruit & leaves for their lunch! 🙂 Here’s just one photo. You can see more photos of this wiry guy in my Central American Spider Monkey Gallery. And oh yes, only “new world monkeys” (Central & South America) have prehensile tails and can hang in a tree like this fellow with all hands and feet free! Nada in Africa and Asia! 🙂

Central American Spider Monkey, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

Part of the fun of living Retired in Costa Rica!

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Woodpecker House-building

I captured some images today of this Black-cheeked Woodpecker building a new house where soon some new little woodpeckers will be raised at Maquenque Eco Lodge.  🙂

Black-cheeked Woodpecker house building, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica
Black-cheeked Woodpecker, Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica

And I’m getting lots of other bird photos plus other wildlife here in the rainforest which I will eventually share here or in my gallery.

¡Pura Vida!

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