Second Air Division Memorial Library

Library Information found by Rachel for Bonnie Darby. Her photos follow it:

Part of Rachel’s email (highlighted in orange) that relate to Earl.

I went into the library today and found a picture of your Uncle’s squadron.  He was in Lt Metcalf’s crew and there was a photograph so I attach it herewith.  The other attachment is the memorial at Tibenham Airfield.    Jimmy Stewart the actor was also based there for a while.

I went into the Second Air Division Memorial Library where many records are held.  It records the information that you already have, that his plane went down on 2ne February 1944, and was presumed shot down over the sea.   The plane they were flying in was named “Billy Babe” and the pilot was Earle  G  Metcalf.    Earl T Doggett is listed as on the Bell Turret.   No reason is known for the disappearance of the plane and 28 went out that day and 2 did not return.  10 personnel were on board and all were lost.  

I drove round to the airfield yesterday but it was closed.  Also the church.  I have a photo of the roll of honour and I will send you this from my phone as the photo is there on my phone and won’t send from this laptop.    The American Cemetery and Memorial is located at Cambridge and I understand that your Uncle will be listed there with the other missing men.

She mentioned the Memorial at Cambridge where Earl is memorialized:

Cambridge web site: cemeteries-memorials/europe/ cambridge-american-cemetery#. W2EQZtJKiUk

Since he was MIA he was listed on a memorial wall called the “Tablets of the Missing”.  Although I could not find a picture of the memorial I did find this: 539698#.W2ECI9JKiUk 53969

Also helpful information is available at: where people share information about their relative stationed in Britain.  There is information on Tibenham there:

I also did some searches on the plane “Billy Babe” and found this: summary.html

If you scroll down the chart it lists both “Billy Babe” and later “Nine Yanks and a Jerk”.  This lists the year his plane went down incorrectly but I thought the other info was interesting. 539698It also says the “Nine Yanks” plane was shot down and crashed.

While doing this searching I also found an interesting blog article from 2015 by John Schlatter.

http://postcardmemorieswwii. belonging-to-downed-wwii- pilot.html


Photo Gallery of 2nd Air Division Memorial Library

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