Mom’s Page

I’m not sure what all I will do here yet, maybe stories and photos or links to them. But for now I just loaded into my photo gallery photos of Mom & Dad’s Mail (mostly Mom’s) that I found in the house after Dad died in 1995. At first I put them in plastic sleeves in my “Scrapbooks” (3-ring binders) by years. I had several boxes full of scrapbooks when I moved to Costa Rica and soon had a problem with snakes nesting in the boxes. I had to get rid of the boxes! So I took a lot of time to set up my camera on a tripod over an outside table and photographed every page of every scrapbook, including “Mom’s Mail.”

At this writing I have just put the scrapbook photos online by years and locations, including “Mom’s Mail.” But because much of her mail is family history apart from my personal history, I also created separate mail folders online and it is to those that the below dates are linked to. 

They are organized in the same year(s) as my scrapbooks. A few years don’t have many letters and I have no explanation for that. I would estimate that there are more letters from me with Jerry & Bonnie having several to Mom in some years and maybe one or two from Grandmother in most years, plus a few from Mom’s brothers, Harold & Gene, and from other relatives like Ruth, Aunt Bonnie, etc. Then there are a few letters from friends and business letters, some for Dad, plus some letters Dad wrote Mom before marriage, then during the war and again later in life when he had a traveling job. I am yet to read them which might lead to some reorganization if the dates are out of order. There is possibly a lot of family history in all these many letters, but I just haven’t had time to read them yet.

Mom & Dad’s Mail

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