Family of Origin

Under Construction

This page is difficult in a different way than my failed marriage, but with just as many stories and memories that need to be shared. I’m looking forward to it, though also difficult.

Family of Origin MENU

  • MY PLAN: Each of these will be a sub-page:
  • Mom & Dad Courtship-Marriage 1938-39
  • My Birth 1940
  • Simple Life & Birth of Jerry 1943
  • World War II
  • Post War Moving About
  • El Dorado Becomes Home & Bonnie Born 1952
  • My Life Formed in a Small Town
  • The Adventure of Tulsa, 1955-59
  • The Challenge of Independence, University & Seminary 58-65
  • Family of Origin is Always With You
  • Death of Mom 1988
  • Death of Dad 1995
  • Jerry’s Page
  • Bonnie’s Page

Family of Origin in Book form:

The Volume 1 of my Biography/Scrapbook series of books is right now the best look at my family of origin and what happened in my childhood and young adult years up to age 30. I literally converted many years of scrapbooks into a printed book, adding some information or stories and it is these additions that I hope to expand on here at this page of my website.

For now you can review the book electronically online, every page, free, by clicking cover or title here:

First 30-Years Scrapbook, My Photo Biography Volume 1: Birth to Age 30.   It is in my bookstore and available for sale as well as free review.



Family of Origin Photo Gallery is yet to come in my big gallery

2013-October 15-18 – Bonnie & Tom Nashville Visit & Tours, Photo Gallery

See my sister Bonnie’s Quilt Gallery, with photos of many of the quilts she has made including that brown & gold one for me!   🙂   Her web gallery.

2008, 13 September – Spreading of Jerry’s Ashes, Mississippi River Headwaters, Photo Gallery

2007-2008 – Rochester, MN with Jerry, Photo Gallery

2005 May-June — Jerry+ Bemidji, Northern Minnesota & Great River Road, Photo Gallery


LIFE STORIES from Family-of-Origin Days

1940 – Yankee Doodle Contemplation

1940- A Watermelon & Firecracker Birth

1943 – My First Bible Stories

 1943 – Earl Doggett – War Hero *

1947-1952 – Visits to Grandma & Grandpa’s farm

1953 – Gunshot in the Forest

1953-1955 – Jr. High Marching Band

1956 – Tenth Grader’s Rocky Mountain High

1957 – A Secret Discerned

See all of my “Life Stories” on another page.