Funeral of Steve Jones

Stephen Paul Jones, 1950–2001

Died 6:45 AM, Saturday, 3 November 2001 at MRC of Cerebral Malaria

Buried 7 November 2001, Bird Safari Camp, Janjanbureh, The Gambia

The pages linked below describe the most unusual and possibly most memorable funeral  of my life at that point. It is certainly the most unique funeral I have ever conducted as a minister. I hope you will read each page!

Burris did such a good detailed description that I decided to use his rather than write my own. The message is mine and as presented that hot day. And the Friends’ comments and tributes tell you much about this special friend of mine. He was from childhood a Tarzan fan as was I and a lover of nature and especially Africa as also am I. We both enjoyed him showing me around the camp and sharing his dreams for it. We visited over meals and talked philosophically around the campfire where I shared my faith without much response from Steve who was disenamored with his Methodist Church and did not participate in the nearby Methodist church in Janjanburough.

Of course I have wondered what would have happened in this relationship had he lived longer. Would he have returned to Christ? Would I have been more motivated to stay and retire in The Gambia? Or would I have gone back for more visits than I did? Death is a powerful reminder of the shortness of life and the influence each of us have in all our relationships. This day was one of the highlights of my three years there and will always be vividly remembered.

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