Heliconius doris viridis – A “Lifer” Butterfly

That’s the official name and commonly called just Heliconius doris (Wikipedia article link) or Doris Longwing, whether the red or blue version. Though not usually said about butterflies, this is a “Lifer” butterfly for me! First one to see or photograph! And if you count my “Lifer” fungus, this makes 3 lifers on this trip! 🙂 So my Heliconius doris viridis Gallery has only these 3 photos in it for now. This butterfly is said to be more common in the Amazon of Brazil, though I didn’t see it when I was there. 🙂

Heliconius doris viridis,, Chachagua Rainforest Hotel, Alajuela, Costa Rica
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Variable Seedeater

This Variable Seedeater (eBird link) Female was on my porch right after breakfast yesterday. We saw both male and female on the pre-breakfast bird hike but I did not get a photo of one then. They are fairly common all over Costa Rica it seems, feeding on seeds in the grasses mostly. See my Variable Seedeater Gallery of photos from all over Costa Rica.

Variable Seedeater Female, Chachagua Rainforest Hotel, Costa Rica
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A Fungus Among Us!

Phallus indusiatus (Wikipedia article) is the fungus Dictyophora indusiata. It might have been the most interesting thing we saw on our morning bird walk yesterday. At least it is new and different to me or my first time to see this “Bamboo Mushroom” or “Stinkhorn” with lots of other interesting common names around the world as it is found in most tropical forests of Asia, Africa, Australia and Central/South America.

Phallus indusiatus = Dictyophora indusiata, Chachagua Rainforest Hotel, Costa Rica.
Phallus indusiatus = Dictyophora indusiata, Chachagua Rainforest Hotel, Costa Rica.

And yes, Of course I have a Fungus Gallery with other interesting fungi in it like the “Pixi Cup Fungi!” 🙂

¡Pura Vida!

Black-faced Grosbeak – A Lifer!

I decided to share the birds photographed just one at a time and this one first because it is a “lifer” for me or the first time I have ever seen or photographed it! Certainly not my best bird photo, but many of mine are just for ID and to show I’ve seen that species. On my pre-breakfast guided bird hike we saw maybe 22 species (some not sure of ID) and I got photos of 13 of those plus one more in front of my cabin for a total of 14 species photographed and identified. Of those I will share only the ones that I have decent photos of over the next week or two of Chachagua reports.

Black-faced Grosbeak, Chachagua Rainforest Hotel, Alajuela, Costa Rica.
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Arrival at Chachagua Rainforest

We had to go to two different UPS offices in San José, but finally got my new debit card and were off to the forests! When I got to my cabin after treating my driver to lunch, I laid in the hammock and almost went to sleep. Did not explore much before the afternoon rain started, but here’s shots of the river swim hole and hot springs, both near my room or cabin and then some shots of my cabin.

The boardwalk between swim hole and hot springs on side of a hill.
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“A Lifestyle Thing” Returns

NOTE: I still plan on my first report from Chachagua Rainforest tonight, but for morning readers, this lifestyle report 🙂 . . .

Now you could call my bus-riding “cultural” or “simple living” or “green living” etc. But Saturday I road the bus to Alajuela again after almost cutting it out for 2 years because of Covid and the dangers of infection in such close quarters. For example, one of my old bus drivers died of Covid he caught as a driver to and from San Jose from Atenas.

But during this past Saturday’s bus trip I felt all the tension and stress caused by the fraudulent use of my debit card just disappeared and I vowed then that I would do this regularly again now. Covid is waning here and I’m feeling safer with all travel now, though I still consider my hidden jungle lodges safer than the cities! 🙂

Fountain in Central Park Alajuela.

First you must know that I have not owned a car since 2014 when I moved to Costa Rica and even though I rented cars a few times during my first 2 years here just for trips outside of Atenas, I soon discovered the joy of walking and taking buses and taxis and for awhile was taking bus trips all over the country. I now use a private driver for more of my trips (especially with Covid), but the more regular bus trips to Alajuela (and fewer to San Jose) will now continue while still wearing a mask. And as a senior adult, the Alajuela trip is free and to San Jose half price, like the equivalent of 75 to 80¢! 🙂

My Saturday Experience

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Park Sign at Night + Other New Views

Here are more views of the new Central Park Sign including a selfie and what it looks like at night and from behind! 🙂 My earlier reports on the sign did not include the finished product at night or from behind! 🙂

At night your eyes see the color of the art on the letters and thus not as bright as this white in my camera. And that white spot in middle of sun is yellow to your eyes, though still bright! 🙂
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Blue Morpho Butterfly is New National Symbol

That now makes 18 national symbols for Costa Rica! Read about why this one and what the other national symbols are in this Tico Times Article. And be sure to check out my collection of Blue Morpho photos in my Blue Morpho Gallery! Including this one below.

Blue Morpho Butterfly in Butterfly Garden of the Greentique Wildlife Reserve, Hotel Si Como No, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica.

And you might also be interested in this article in Tico Times this week: Costa Rica Increases Forest Protection by Over 16 million Hectares

¡Pura Vida!

Guayabo Lodge Gallery

I’ve decided that two weeks of posts on this lodge may be enough, so I’m referring everyone to the gallery which has been ready awhile. Because of so many amazing flowers in their gardens, I may someday go back to more posts on them, but for now other photos from my life in nature in Costa Rica. You may click the image of gallery to go to the gallery or use this link:


CLICK image above to go to my trip gallery on Guayabo Lodge, Turrialba, Costa Rica.

¡Pura Vida!