Letter from Earle Robert Metcalf on name of plane

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My Uncle, Earle Gilbert Metcalf, served on the same crew as Earl Doggett. Follows is an excerpt of one of Earle’s letters.
There seems to be some mystery as to how the plane got it’s name. This should clear it up. 🙂

All the best to you,

P.S. How is Scott doing? I haven’t heard anything from him in some time.

The 118 Gets Her Name
Earle to his parents, dated October 6, 1943 while stationed in Sioux City, IA

We have our own ship now; but, as yet, haven’t decided on a name. We’ve considered “Nine Yanks and a Jerk” but the boy on the crew from Arkansas feels we’re slamming him – so we may not use it. By the way, going to Gulfport, Miss., last weekend we passed within 50 miles of Doggett’s home (one of the engineers) so we flew out far enough to find his home, and swooped low over it to give them a thrill. I guess he appreciated it – at least he kept referring to it over and over again.

(editor’s note)
Earl T. Doggett was the “boy on the crew from Arkansas” After they “buzzed” his home he was apparently okay with the name of the ship.

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Thanks for writing. I haven’t done any more work on my Uncle Earl’s web page in years. Thanks for the letter and explanation of the nickname for the plane. I had already guessed as much, but it is interesting to hear it from one of the guys and his letters. Thanks and I will add this information to Earl’s pages online.

I can’t respond to your request about “Scott” because I don’t know who you are referring to. I’ve known several Scotts but none in my current life here in Costa Rica. But at 81 I’m getting more forgetful! ?

I enjoy a slow life immersed in nature “Retired in Costa Rica,” the name of my blog.

Pura vida!


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