Genographic Project Family Report

2019 Update Report

For the updated 2019 summary graphic, go to (didn’t let me copy):

If you participate they will let you see a video titled “Breaking the Code” that explains how DNA is used to tract our personal history and of course you get a copy of your specific report. Just go to to apply before they stop the project at end of 2019.

And here is their latest written report to me (of 3) received on 22 November 2019 BELOW, almost identical to the original 2013 report without the nice artwork and more participants which slightly affects some statistics. See the original graphic summary at bottom of this new report which is like the updated summary graphic linked above.













Graphic Overview

To be honest, I haven’t studied this deeply like a researcher might. I pretty much knew that we all originated out of Africa somewhere. It was interesting to see that my Dad’s line migrated out of Africa through the Middle East to the Mediterranean and on to Europe while Mom’s major line went through Asia before ending up in Europe. It helps to see these maternal and paternal migration maps in the original graphic summary (2013):

Out of Many, One

The new, updated graphic summary (they won’t let me copy) with more than a million participants is at:

I may someday study it more, but it is thrilling to me to know that I come out of so many areas of the world, so many races, colors, tribes, nations, religions and that I am truly “E pluribus unum” “Out of many, one”  –  and what a shame the United States is not taking seriously this vital motto on its great seal! It is one reason it was once the greatest nation on earth!

Experiencing My African Roots

It was also interesting (though I don’t know how accurate) that on both my parent’s maps it shows them originating just above Lake Victoria in what is now Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania where I have visited all three countries and stayed for a week on the shores of Lake Victoria, possibly the beginning place of my roots. See photos of my visits there in:

2005 Kenya Safari

2005 Tanzania on Lake Victoria Mission Trip

2005 Passing Through Kenya

1999 Kenya Mission Trip

1998 Kenya Safari

1998 Kenya Mission Trip

And though a different spot in Africa, I learned from my roots while living 3 years in The Gambia, West Africa! Plus time in nearby Senegal!

“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.”
— Kofi Annan