The Bahamas

It’s still rather British!

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas or “The Bahama Islands” was my first “foreign country” to visit, even before Mexico or Canada! And it was exciting!








My first full-time job out of graduate school or seminary was as Youth Minister of the Miami Springs Baptist Church, Miami, Florida. And a seminary friend, Nona Kay Bickerstaff, was a Southern Baptist Missionary in Nassau, The Bahamas. We corresponded and I made a solo visit to see her in The Bahamas in 1966.





In 1967 I visited again with my new roommate and also a friend from Seminary, Carlos Cobos. No photos.


With Ginger in 1970

In 1970 as the Pioneer Royal Ambassador Consultant at the Baptist Brotherhood Commission in Memphis I was invited to a “Youth Minister’s Cruise to The Bahamas” as one of the instructors, representing Missions Education in youth work. And I got to take my new wife, Ginger, with me on my third trip there.





With Juli in 1996

My fourth visit to The Bahamas was with my daughter Juli in 1996 when I accepted a “Free Cruise to The Bahamas,” (at right) which of course was not totally free with airfare, taxes and ship fees, but a good deal since with Juli’s help I was able to sit thru all the condo sales presentations without buying!   🙂





Me biking the Bahamas with an MK (missionary kid) in 1966.

My Bahama Trips – Photo & Stories

The Official Website of The Bahamas   for tourist & other information


One of the Scrapbook Pages from my 1996 visit with Juli. She loved the Macarena!


I hope to return someday for a full week or longer and experience more of these charming islands and maybe photograph birds! But in the meantime I enjoy the charm of Costa Rica!


¡Pura Vida! 

“Jobs fill your pocket, Adventures fill your soul”

― Jaime Lyn Beatty

Me on one of the historic British cannons in the old fort there in 1966.