The Citizenship Award 1958

When this shy boy in a big school of 3,000 students, all of whom seemed smarter and more socially adept than me, it was actually encouraging to be recognized for basic goodness and efforts to improve the community in which I lived. And as a Christian who took my faith seriously, I simply attributed it to trying to be more “Christ-like” even before the slogan WWJD “What Would Jesus Do?” came into vogue later in the 60’s or 70’s.

The award was sponsored by the Tulsa Optimist Club but no one ever told me who chose the 2 students from Rogers to receive the award and I always assumed it was the teachers, a faculty committee maybe, or the administration of the school; but I still do not know for sure. Two (a boy & a girl) were chosen out of each of the three high schools in Tusa.

My biggest honor in high school though I never considered myself a “Typical Joe” as paper article called me! 🙂 More atypical! 🙂 — ABOVE is my high school scrapbook page on the award.

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. 

~Jonas Salk

¡Pura Vida!