Family History

I started with a “child page” on our World War II hero Earl Doggett, which has an extensive amount of information and photos with help from many different people on multiple pages under the Doggett-Parnell Family Line in MENU. Similarly I also started with my extensive research data and photos on the long lost Hardgrave Family Cemetery Nashville, where my 5 Great Grandfather Francis Hardgrave is buried.

The cemetery was one of my favorite discoveries and accomplishments during my years living in Nashville. It is found under the Hardgrave-Hunt Family Lines MENU item below.

I have since added a lot more and will be adding even more information and photos including info from my family tree on (Hoping you are allowed to see it without a membership.) I will also add family tree charts on pages of the website as it grows.

This will take time! The header photo at top of page is of Charles Hunt, whom I was named after, my maternal Great Grandfather and his wife Lucy Jackson Hunt on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Though I picked up the nickname of “Charlie” when a youth minister in my twenties, my Mother never accepted it and always called me “Charles” which is what she named me and the only first name Grandpa ever used!  🙂



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“We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.”   

~Liam Callanan


The first page of my tree beginning with me. There are similar trees on each of the above persons.

I will continue copies of further-back family trees in the pages for Doggett-Parnell and Hardgrave-Hunt family lines in the menu above.

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