Log of Letters & Calls

Log of Letters and Phone Calls 1983-1995
Providence Church Cemetery Research  (L2, etc are paper copies in a notebook)
Called “Hardgrave Cemetery” at the time
4/15/83 Letter from cousin Gene Hardgrave Telling me about the Hardgrave Cemetery in Nashville’s Bellevue. I visited, photographed & wrote down readable inscriptions 4/19/83  4/25/83 L1          Now Missing
7/10/92 Letter from Cecil Hardgrave Appreciated photos of cemetery I had sent him for next book. Enclosed info on cemetery he found: (1) “Early Trails” and (2) 1941 dedication of Hargrave markers L2
5/8/94 To Charles Sweet Sent him my ’83 listing of inscriptions None L3
6/12/95 Letter from Gene Hugh Hardgrave Sent me copies of all his research finding from his Aug. ’94 visit to Nashville included here By phone & at reunion L4
7/3/95 Letter from Terry Hardgrave Re: Hardgrave Family Association w/ paragraph on Nashville cemetery by phone 7/5/95 L5
7/5/95 Cecil Hardgrave Family Association plans No file
7/9/95 Gene Hardgrave About coming to Nashville in Oct. L6
7/10/95 Call to Steve Rogers State Historical Commission services & suggestions for restoring. Sent me Historical Marker Information. 7/13/1995 L7
7/10/95 Call to Ophelia Payne @ Metro Historical Commission Services explained including Historical Markers. Got copy of process the next day in person. 7/11/1995 L8
7/11/95 Call to Laura Rost @ Metro Historical Talked about her restoration at City Cemetery & Clements book No file
7/11/95 Call to American Assn. for State & Local History Asked for book A Graveyard Preservation Primer. They are out of print but had me call AGS No file
7/11/95 Call to AGS, Assn. for Gravestone Studies Maranda shared info and is sending more including books to order 7/17/1995 L9
7/13/95 Call to Dr. Albert Wardin Info on his restoration of Mill Creek Baptist Church Cemetery 7/16/1995 L10
7/13/95 Illene Cornwell call Names & general info L11
7/13/95 Call to Tim Greer at The Cedar Place Looking for James L. Greer descendents he referred me to his father Robert L12
714/95 Call to Harpeth Heights Baptist Church For history & if around in 1865. No, formed in 1939 by NBA, Harold Gregory, Missionary. No relation to the earlier W. Harpeth or Big Harpeth churches in 1800s No file
7/20/95 Called Rita Atkins Hardgrave relative in W’mson Co. L13
8/1/95 Cecil Hardgrave Promotion efforts for cemetery L14
9/10/95 David Logsdon Nashville Banner promo request None L15
9/12/95 Martha Brandon Asked to visit River Plantation Board Meeting L16
9/12/95 Robert Greer He will help clean cemetery Oct. 7 L17
9/13/95 Calls to Verla Hodges & Gloria Wells Gloria (w/ Bellevue Library) is the one who tells me where the real Hardgrave Cemetery is located L18
I discover the Hardgrave Family Cemetery before our Oct. 7 Clean-Up Day and get to take
family members to see and start cleaning it after we clean Providence Church Cemetery