The header photo is Harold, Louise and Gene Hardgrave, my mother and her two brothers. I have a lot more information and photos on my mother’s side of the family and in time these pages will be full of good information for people doing family research – I hope!  🙂 You will especially like the photos!

Hardgrave-Hunt Family Lines MENU

4-generation Pedigree Charts: Hardgrave & Hunt

They are for my maternal grandfather Hugh Lester Hardgrave and my maternal grandmother Clemmie Verina Hunt. Click to see larger. For all together see my online tree, if they allow non-members on Ancestry.com :-).


The first is my maternal grandfather Hugh Lester Hargrave, then on the pedigree list following this every fourth ancestor is linked to his 4-generation pedigree chart for the complete pedigree in charts.

My Hardgrave Pedigree List

  • My Children (using Julianne for chart)
  • Charles Everett Doggett
  • Clemmie Louise Hardgrave
  • Hugh Lester Hardgrave
  • Hugh Wilson Hardgrave
  • Lewis Hardgrave, Jr. 
  • Macajah Lewis Hardgrave
  • James Hardgrave
  • Francis Hardgrave (buried in Nashville-Williamson County)
  • James Hardgrave
  • Daniel Hardgrave
  • James I Hardgrave
  • Peter Hardgrave
  • Bartholomew Hardgrave
  • William Hardgrave
  • John Hardgrave
  • Robert Hardgrave
  • Lawrence Hardgrave
  • Nicholas Hardgrave

My Hunt Pedigree List

  • Charles Everett Doggett
  • Clemmie Louise Hardgrave
  • Clemmie Verina Hunt
  • Charles MacDonald Hunt (my namesake)
  • Moses Hullum Hunt
  • Richard Carter Hunt
  • James Hunt, Jr.
  • James Hunt, Sr.
  • Henry Hunt, Sr.
  • William Hunt, II
  • William Hunt
  • William Hunt

“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.”

– Chinese Proverb

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