1952-54 – Camp Logoly

El Dorado was in the DeSoto Area Council of Boy Scouts for South Arkansas and the council camp was called Camp Logoly, near El Dorado with a small lake for swimming . I went the first time in 1952 as a 12 year old, my first week-long camp ever and continued the 2 more years through 1954. There is no record that I can find of me going in 1955, my last summer in El Dorado, possibly it conflicted with our big summer vacation to Panama City or I thought I was too old as a 15 year old, don’t remember.

I do remember liking the camp and better than the one summer I went to church camp. I was just really big into scouts and all of the outdoors and woodsy activities like hiking and camping and campfires, campcrafts, etc. I believe it was the summer of ’54 that I was inducted into The Order of the Arrow at Camp Logoly. It is a special Indian-themed camping honor for older Boy Scouts chosen at one of the campfires during your week at summer camp.

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