1947-55 El Dorado & Bonnie Born 1952

This is the place I associate most with growing up – El Dorado!

By September 1947 until summer of 1955 we lived in El Dorado, our longest time in one place until Mom, Dad & Bonnie moved to Crystal Springs, with Jerry & I no longer at home. And the other El Dorado longevity was that we were in the same house for 7+ years of those 8 years! See house photos and information on the Places & Buildings Page. of the menu below:

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* Starred menu items are sub-pages under my ABOUT Page, the Schools Sub-Pages, where I share stories and photos from all my schools through seminary & not as much specifically about family, though family is often the greatest influence on one’s school experiences.

Photos, Scrapbooks, & Letters

When in lower elementary school grades my scrapbooks and photos were more about family but as I got older they are more about school, scouts, and of course family vacations!

Appropriate Pages of My Printed Biography, Volume 1

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“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” –George Santayana

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