One day off a cruise ship is not a huge experience of Columbia, yet a significant cultural experience for me with much wider knowledge of the huge modern city of Cartagena, Columbia! Not at all what I was expecting!

Enjoy the photos for now and eventually I will add stories or narrative of our less than stellar “bird-watching” canoe trip in the shadows of tall buildings along with the significant historical section, a beautiful beach hotel and gorgeous local dancing with one of the groups my feature photo above.

Eventually I hope to do a serious bird-watching tour in the mountains of Columbia and maybe even see Medellin where a retiree friend moved to from Costa Rica, a former next door neighbor.  Like Brazil, so much to see!   🙂

Columbia Photo Gallery


Cartagena, Columbia   Historic District


Modern Cartagena, Columbia


“Adventure is allowing the unexpected to happen to you.”

– Richard Aldington