Cuba may be the most exciting place I have traveled in North America (and yes, all the Caribbean Islands are considered part of North America).

As a Zoo Docent at Nashville Zoo I belonged to the national Association of Zoo & Aquarium Docents who are volunteer educators in these wonderful places! The national organization started hosting an annual trip somewhere in the world, including visits to the zoos, aquariums and other nature reserves. For 2013 it was to Cuba and I jumped at the chance to go with much of the ignorant congress continuing the embargo and not allowing travel except for a new Obama instituted plan that allowed you to visit if with a verified educational tour or service/mission project. Our docent organization got in under the educational tour plan (that Trump later killed) and they used a Canadian travel agent who was familiar with Cuba and could make better plans.

We originally were scheduled to fly directly to Havana from Fort Lauderdale, Florida but American complications concerning the planes suddenly made it impossible and thus we met as a group in Cancun, Mexico and flew together from Cancun to Havana and back to Cancun. We were individually on our own to and from Cancun and I added only one extra day, later wishing I had added more, but it was one of those last minute changes that slowed down my usual planning plus I was still a little nervous about going to Communist Cuba. But no reason to be! It was a fabulous trip in many ways! And from it came one of my best ever photo books:

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And my birder friends might be interested in My Cuba Life List on eBird – only 15 bird species but a few that are only in the Caribbean.

My 2013 Cuba Trip Photo Gallery


“As an American, Cuba is one of those places that’s forbidden…and magical.”

Go if you possibly can!     🙂