My Evangelical/Political Disclaimer

I do not like to offend my many friends who still work for Southern Baptists and/or the now more general “Evangelicals,” but because Evangelicals have chosen to be overtly political in what I consider very “unChristian” ways, as possibly the main force now behind the current “right-wing,” the tea-party, white supremacists, Donald Trump, and the Republican Party. I am currently rejecting Evangelicals; distancing myself from them and especially their immoral politics that stand opposite the life and message of Jesus as they enthusiastically support Trump’s “Make America White Again” movement.

As a church staff member in the late 60’s I watched a similar movement, The John Birch Society, nearly destroy our church. As a denominational employee attending the annual Southern Baptist Convention and involved at many levels for 28 years, I watched the immoral grabbing of power and control of a denomination with such tactics as busing in large families for even the children to vote for their “agenda” and regularly lying like their Donald Trump. Then as a servant in the publishing house, Baptist Sunday School Board, now LifeWay Christian Resources, I watched them destroy the real ministry as they tried to  turn it into a money-making business, bringing in bankers and businessmen until it ultimately collapsed and many of us who had given our entire lives to its ministry were “downsized” out as the right-wing politicians took over. A sad loss for Christianity.

As a follower of Christ I can have nothing to do with their actions and thus “divorce” myself of all current association with Evangelicals and the Southern Baptist Convention. My hard work and proud history with Southern Baptists is now an embarrassment  because of what I watched happen in the “takeover” of the 80’s and 90’s and because of the current Evangelical political activities.

I am sad. I pray for change. And I honestly do not understand how anyone who calls him/herself a Christian can support Donald Trump. He is an immoral, sexist, racist, bigoted, lying, white supremacist egotist who is destroying the United States of America. And I personally place the blame on the Republican Party and so-called “Evangelical Christians.” Not Christian to me!

When I left the country in 2014 I did not know Trump would become president, but I could already see what was happening to Evangelicals, some friends at church and the Republican Party. That was one of my unstated reasons for leaving. I could not stand it any longer and could not get away from it in conservative Tennessee and a Baptist Church. Of course no country is perfect, including Costa Rica, just as no person is perfect nor any church or denomination. But the atmosphere here is daylight and dark different from the violent, gun-toting, racist, hateful United States. I am happy here and intend to stay, and hoping not too many more Americans move here – especially Evangelical-Republicans!    🙂

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Once again a Washington Post Opinion article expresses my views or feeling perfectly and I copy it here on my site with my title:  Jesus wept. Or maybe just rolled His eyes,   the first line of the article titled by the Post as:   Evangelicals’ infallible new faith: The gospel of Trump.


I liked this New York Times Opinion article copied from a Presbyterian minister’s book. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it helps me to be keenly aware that I am political, like it or not, and with a focus on being Christ-like in all I do, including voting, I don’t have to worry about party loyalty:       How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t


This Atlantic Monthly Ideas Article is a pretty factual reporting of what has been happening to Evangelicals even before Trump and not nearly as critical of the church as I am:  The Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity


Here’s a Christianity Today Research Report that shares a lot of factual information about the huge decline in Southern Baptists today, none of which is a surprise to me:  Only Half of Kids Raised Southern Baptist Stay Southern Baptist


THE ABOVE ARTICLES ARE LINKED TO A PAGE ON MY SITE since news articles usually “time out” from their online locations.


Maybe WWJD is a good way to approach politics?  (For those not around in the 80’s and 90’s, WWJD = What Would Jesus Do?  Many teens (and me) wore bracelets with those initials as a reminder of daily behavior. A good reminder!     🙂

And of course it harkens back to a book of my youth and before with a similar message, In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon, another foundation stone in my faith! And of course that classic book is still available on Amazon  with a Kindle Edition! And occasionally for free from various Christian organizations.

And there was a 1964 film that was in a limited number of DVDs that can also be obtained from   or on a few streaming sites.