Jerry’s Page

Here I will try to tell Jerry’s Story or the little that I know of it and it started with a letter from one of his high school friends, Andy Anders, who motivated me to get this page at least begun. The featured photo at top is of Jerry showing me the Wanigan Canoe Landing on the headwaters of the Mississippi river just outside the Itasca State Park (source lake of the Mississippi River). It was the first of several canoe landings we visited one day during my 2005 Visit to Jerry & Northern Minnesota (photo gallery) and where his love of nature and these canoeing places became clear and why he loved northern Minnesota so much. That was our most joyful time together since childhood. Little did I know that three years later we would scatter his ashes at the next canoe landing we visited, Bear Den Landing. We bade farewell to Jerry in the place he loved the most.

My Memories of Jerry & Me as “Little Kids”

1942-43 Birth of Jerry & Move to Camden (Family of Origin page w/ 5 photos of Jerry)

1944-46, Surviving World War II as Family (Family of Origin page)

1946-47, Marianna & Pine Bluff Post War (Family of Origin page)

1947-55, El Dorado & Bonnie Born 1952 (Family of Origin page)

The Adventure of Tulsa, 1955-58 (Family of Origin page)

Death of Jerry 2008 (sub-page here)

My Report on Jerry to Andy Anders in 2021

Bonnie’s “Jerry Photo Albums”

At the time of Jerry’s death in 2008 Bonnie put together three fantastic photo collections digitally to give to his son Steve. She has a lot more than I had collected and show under the next heading below. She divided them into the three major sections of his life:

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