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I did not consistently keep a journal over my three years in The Gambia, but I did send back home 33 issues of a newsletter. It was targeted to church members at First Baptist Nashville and other friends and family interested. I have had difficulty replicating the original newsletters in the two different website softwares I have tried on, therefore I have simply scanned the original printed newsletters from my notebook collection. What you see is what they received back in 1999-2002. Click each page image and then the new opened image again to see larger if hard to read. These newsletters are my most complete record of the Gambia experience. Each issue will be a separate webpage with a link to each in the Newsletters Menu above.

But first, where was I? This map (click to see larger) shows the location of our tiny country, the smallest on this huge continent of Africa. It is basically 30 to 50 miles of land on either side of the River Gambia, or as we said. “The banks of the River Gambia.” A local story, or maybe joke, was that the French let the British have the land as far as their ship cannons would shoot. Since at the time the French controlled the land and British the river. That is why today The English-speaking Gambia is totally surrounded by French-speaking Senegal.


Title Page to My Notebook Collection of the Newsletters which you are seeing photocopies of.



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