High School English Language Helper

English Festivals

Both high schools have an English Festival each year with Spelling Bee, Speech-giving and other activities to showcase their learning of English. In 2015 I got to help with both high schools’ festivals as a spelling bee judge and in 2017 I was asked to help Colegio Liceo with both their Spelling Bee and their Speaking Contest as a judge both days. I was asked again in 2018 but had a schedule conflict and couldn’t do it.

Conversational English Club for Student Exchange Trip

In 2017 I got to help a group of students at Liceo practice English after school in preparation for their January 2018 Student Exchange Trip to a school in Virginia USA. It was a lot of fun and also a lot of work! I used ESL learning activities I found in various online websites. The header photo is me with this group of kids or the ones that were there that day.  🙂

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