Other Memorials

This first page is the incomplete list of memorials heading the section of her memorial book titled “Memorials.” The park bench and the many books are listed on separate web pages here, plus additional memorials will be found below. People were so generous in helping to memorialize Juli and the most generous were the employees at LifeWay who donated over $1,800 to help defray the cost of many medical and funeral expenses. I still had to take out a loan, but these donations really helped!













Supposedly in the “International Star Registry” a star has been named the “Julianne Marie Doggett Star.”


This “Cut Glass Look” plastic cube was my little home memorial in addition to the last photo I had made of Juli. This continues to sit on a lamp table in my living room in Costa Rica!   Butterfly is Compassionate Friends logo.


See also The Compassionate Friends Support page here for more little memorials the group did.


There was also the funeral home website memorial and another memorial website I posted on and don’t have the address of now. Juli was well memorialized at the time and with this website remembered on for many years I hope. The joy of my life!


“Gentleness, self-sacrifice, and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.” 

—Mahatma Gandhi