Hiking & Camping

A Lifetime of Joy, Exercise & Nature Loving that only barely got started in Boy Scouts and continued throughout my life! The Photo Galleries listed below tell it all! With some photos of the vast majority of my hikes and camping trips which I consider pretty impressive! 🙂

The Feature Photo at top is me at the Glacier View Turnout in Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming in June 2006, which along with Yellowstone is a favorite hiking and camping location!

At right —> . . . . . . . . . . I’m cooking for fellow campers from Miami in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park 1966 before we hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail in the national park.

Today I’m an 80-something years old hiking the trails of Costa Rica while enjoying lodges that prepare my meals! 🙂

Photo Galleries of Hiking & Camping Trips

Desert camping enroute to California in 1968.

While the above links are all photos, below links include words, stories, journal entries, & other information about my passion of being outdoors and experiences there.

Hiking to Virgin Falls with the Nashville Photography Club May 8,. 2004 — I’m making the photo, thus not in it! 🙂

El Camino de Costa Rica

Video below introduces our Coast to Coast Hiking Trail: El Camino de Costa Rica (website link) with bird photos by Charlie Doggett! 🙂 More photos and videos are on the website. And NOW a book: El Camino de Costa Rica Hiking Guide available on Amazon.com, Kindle or paperback!

¡Pura Vida!

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