2012 Story Corps Interview

In May of 2012 I walked across the street from my downtown Row House in Nashville to a Library of Congress Story Corps van parked in the Farmers’ Market Parking Lot of the Bicentennial Mall State Park and was interviewed by a nice young lady whom I think had volunteered to help create a detailed national history for the Library of Congress with thousands of such interviews, mainly of older people before we all die.

Though mine has no exciting war stories or big adventures or accomplishments, it is a brief summary of my real life in my own voice on a recording and I guess written down somewhere. Important NOTE: I was nervous about being interviewed, at least at first, and started off saying I was 52 years old but I was really 71 years old and about to turn 72 which may be what I intended to say! Didn’t intend to mislead anyone, just rattled a little!    🙂

You can see the summary and listen to the recording at:


Charles Doggett and Virginia Lora
Recorded May 23, 2012
Archived May 23, 2012
40:55 minutes


Charles Doggett (71) talks with facilitator Virginia Lora (26) about growing up in Arkansas and Oklahoma, studying religious education and doing missionary work. He also talks about his relationships with his two children and his ex-wife.
CD describes a summer mission trip to Seattle, WA he went on as a college student.
His senior year of college, CD was offered the opportunity to be a pastor at a small country church. That experience convinced him that he’d rather be a youth minister than a pastor.
CD’s favorite job was being the camp chaplain at a Boy Scout camp.
While in seminary in Texas, CD was in a car accident. Because of the recuperation time, it took CD three years to get his degree.
The 1980’s were difficult for CD–his mother died and his wife Ginger filed for divorce.
CD describes a mission trip we went on in The Gambia. He loves adventure, and hopes his life has helped people.

Story Corps Portrait of me in May 2012 — 5 weeks before Age 72.