MY FACEBOOK PAGE: Republicans: Please Un-Friend Me


Your treasonous failed coup yesterday was beyond the “last straw” for me! I moved to another country to get away from the crazy, right-wing, fake-Christian Evangelical Republicans before your worst president in history brought epic hatred on the nation and yet you continued to support and encourage him the last 4 years.

The Republican Party through my lifetime has accomplished mostly negatives: (1) The Rich get richer, (2) The poor get poorer, (3) You make healthcare more difficult and more expensive, (4) You encourage racist, white-supremist, anti-immigrant policies, (5) You ignore or greatly contribute to climate change which is the biggest problem in the world now along with related poverty, and (6) Your isolationism from the rest of the world has made USA the laughing stock of the globe, not the envy it used to be.

You are NOT “conservative” but mean and hateful and the sedition of the current Republican “leaders” is beyond belief. You are not “pro-life” but pro-self, pro-white, pro-power, pro-control of other people and pro-money. Because of you I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m an American to people from other countries.

While Trump’s thugs trashed the capitol yesterday, he goes back to his safe room at the White House and auctions off the biggest of our wildlife reserves to the rich oil companies. He should be removed today! Along with most of the Republicans in congress. There are very few decent people left in the Republican Party it appears to me.

I’m sorry friends – but I’m at my ropes end with Republicans and don’t want to hear any more of your lies and fake conspiracy theories. I have already un-friended some of the most vocal among you, but not sure how many more of you support the madness in the states, but if you are one of those, please un-friend me. I will not read any more excuses for your destruction of America.

This is on Facebook (which I don’t use much anymore but have more followers now). I’m keeping my blog as my major communication and for upbeat nature articles, avoiding politics and the negative there. You are welcome to read about “Retired in Costa Rica” on my blog without politics at: