Separating from Family in Universities-Seminary 58-65

It suddenly happens when you go away to college, but also slowly happens in your mind and spirit as you gradually become more independent and your family becomes more distant, both physically and emotionally. Yet they are always there! And the telephone calls and letters keep the independent collegian somewhat attached to home, especially when there is a financial emergency! 🙂 Though I rarely asked for money and mostly small amounts, literally working my way through college. Mom helped me by sending “pocket money” (like $5 or $10) and Dad helped in a big way with both my first two cars while at Ouachita. Otherwise I was “on my own” for the rest of life! 🙂

Family Pages Under My University Pages

Leaving family vacation in Missouri from Springfield Bus Station to New York City.

All My Summers Spent Away From Home

That first summer after my Freshman year, 1959, I went with Willis & Gary as a Summer Missionary to Seattle. The second summer of 1960 after my Sophomore year, I traveled from family vacation in Missouri to New York, as a Summer Missionary in upstate New York. My third summer after my Junior year at Ouachita, I stayed on campus and worked full-time as a campus painter, painting main one large girl’s dorm called Cone Bottoms Dorm. And my fourth summer after graduating from Ouachita, I was on the Camp Staff at Quapaw Boy Scout Camp. And of course with seminary and beyond I was working full time except for that pause after the car wreck when I went home to then Texarkana for Mom to nurse me back to health.

¡Pura Vida!

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